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B.ta Fornace, 20/d 12064 La Morra (CN) ITALY e-mail Sciccherie - P.Iva IT 03099370045 - Note Legali

   In the future of Sciccherie, there is the ambitious plan to ‘’conquer’’ new Worlds, to bring a wave of the Italian spirit to other places and to let know our history and our ability to recreate in the artisan manner, masterpieces handed on from remote ages.

   Expositions, spaces in other spots that wish to give us hospitality, show-room development run by local patrons, proliferation of Art on multimedia networks, cultural trip organization.

   All these are activities which are expression of our existence and which will permit, with the help and support of those who wish to join us, to bring into the world and let know a new image of Italy which is different from the one we usually know.