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B.ta Fornace, 20/d 12064 La Morra (CN) ITALY e-mail Sciccherie - P.Iva IT 03099370045 - Note Legali

   The adventure of Sciccherie, Made in Italy" starts from an idea that has its origin in an ancient eeling, which leads to the search and discovery of handmade art objects realized with the dedication of another time. Love for the house and for beautiful things come together in an environment out of the ordinary and beyond classical design.
   All of this is carried forward in a wave of passion for the "Made in Italy"; working continually on new projects in collaboration with the same craftsmen who lead us to the discovery of the object, the design and product of meticulous work that recalls origins, History and Art.
   A Sciccherie object has to talk about its home and about the environment that surrounds it: a shape, a colour, a material which makes the choice an unmistakable touch of personality, so that even the most hidden corner can be covered by a unique charm.

    With Sciccherie        the pleasure to give and to receive an object which is itself an expression of ancient making, reproduced with love
and respect according to the most refined Italian tradition        ...Becomes reality!!!